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Bhaet Sa-ad Lab Co., Ltd.
Produce and Develop Customized OEM Cosmetic Formulas to Meet Your Unique Needs.
Complete Care, From Production to Branding.
Crafting Excellence: From Production to Branding, We Elevate Your Identity. Your Complete Solution for Exceptional Cosmetics.
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Standard Production Process With Highly Experienced Personnel
Bhaet Sa-ad Lab boasts a team of expert pharmacists specializing in cosmeceutical products. We excel in developing diverse formulas, crafting cosmetics with desired fragrances, and selecting popular market ingredients.
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Bhaet Sa-ad Lab Co., Ltd.

"We are a Factory Specializing in Complete OEM Cosmetic Production."

Discover a comprehensive range of products catering to every cosmetic need. From formula development to production and packaging, including bespoke packaging design—we provide guidance on effective marketing, including brand building.

Backed by a highly experienced team and standardized production processes, our products are of premium quality, meeting export-grade standards. With a business history spanning over 30 years, we've earned trust from customers both locally and internationally.

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Recommended Products

Indulge in our exquisite range of skin and hair care, spa essentials, deodorants, perfumes, and more. Elevate your experience with our hand cleaning alcohol, hotel toiletries, and pet care products — each crafted with precision and care.

Our Services

Develop Products as Needed

Craft bespoke cosmetic solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

R&D and Formula Development

Harness the power of innovation with our research and formula development expertise.

Packaging and Branding

Elevate your brand presence with captivating packaging and strategic branding.

Comprehensive Support Service

Benefit from our all-encompassing support, ensuring a seamless and successful partnership.

"At Bhaet Sa-ad Lab, we prioritize production excellence,

delivering quality that consistently meets industry standards."

We are ready to provide expert advice and recommend products, adhering to the principle of maximum customer satisfaction.

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