Discover Bhaet Sa-ad Lab — a hub for the production of a diverse range of cosmetic products tailored to your interests.

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At Bhaet Sa-ad Lab, we produce, advise, and brand a complete range of cosmetic products — dedicated to your needs. From formulating inventive recipes to registering cosmetics, we handle packaging and ensure swift delivery to your destination.

Facial Care Products

Indulge in our Facial Care Products. Explore facial cleansing gel, facial foam, facial care serum, eye cream, and more.

Body Care Products

Indulge in our Body Care Products. Explore shower gel, bar soap, body lotion, sun cream, body scrub, foot scrub and more.

Hair Care Products

Discover in our Hair Care Products. Explore shampoo, hair conditioner, hair serum, hair conditioner and more.

Spa Products

Indulge in our Spa Products. Explore massage oil, aroma oil, bath salt and more

Amenity Products

Elevate your guest experiences with Inclusive Toiletries and Hotel Essentials, featuring toothbrushes, shampoo, soap and more.

Special Products

Explore our Special Products such as reed diffuser (air freshener sticks), room spray (deodorizer spray), hand washing alcohol spray and gel, and more.

Pet Products

Tailored Pet Solutions: pet shampoo, conditioner, ear cleaning cream, and more.