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Bamboo Charcoal Glycerin Soap
Derived from bamboo charcoal, this soap effectively removes oil and unclogs pores, promoting detoxification for clearer skin.

Golden Pearl Glycerin Soap
Infused with golden pearl, this soap reveals radiant skin, rejuvenates, and strengthens the skin layer for a glowing complexion.

Rice Milk Glycerin Soap
Crafted from rice milk, this soap preserves smooth, soft, and lifted skin, suitable for all skin types without irritation.

Coffee Formula Glycerin Soap
Packed with antioxidants, this soap eliminates external toxins, cleanses the skin, and unveils a radiant complexion.

Mangosteen Formula Glycerin Soap
Harnessing the power of mangosteen peels, this soap protects against bacteria, combating body odor for a refreshing feel.

Bhaet Sa-ad Lab, a leading glycerin soap manufacturer, produces export-grade formulas developed under customer brands. We offer advice and customize formulas to meet your specific preferences.